lives and works in New York.

Telepathic Music for Piano and Strings

Sunday, 27. October 2013, 23:03 -  23:59 


Live radio performance
Kunstradio, ÖRF, Vienna
Sunday, October 27, 23:00h – 24.00h (UTC +1)Listen online:

Telepathic Music for Piano and Strings

Inspired by the grand tradition of Viennese chamber music and marking the 185th anniversary of the legendary Bösendorfer Piano Company, Wiencouver X is a new work for piano and strings. While Hank Bull plays extended piano in Vienna, Andrew Lee, performs guitar and samples in Vancouver. Together they create an improvised composition. The piano sounds are taken from recordings made inside the Bösendorfer factory. Mechanical and electronic as well as musical, the contextual noise of a piano’s construction extends its range of expression, while the telematic connection stretches the harmonics of space.

Wiencouver is a virtual city somewhere between Vienna and Vancouver.

Hank Bull has been a participant in radio and telecommunications projects since the late 1970s.

Andrew Lee is a musician and visual artist based in Vancouver Canada.